Court Bookings

How To Book

Non-members can book courts 5 or 6 (up to 14 days in advance) at times when they are not blocked by the Club for league matches or Club tournaments. To book these two courts, scroll down to check Court Availability and click on available time slots. The costs are £4 per half-hour. Please only book for daylight hours, as it cannot be guaranteed that flood lights will be provided with your booking.

Members can book available courts up to 14 days in advance using the "ClubSpark Booker" app which is available for both iPhone and Android. Before booking, members will need a ClubSpark login linked to their membership. If you are a member and you don't have a login, please contact the Match Secretary via email at

Anyone booking a court should read and follow our court booking rules and etiquette (listed below). Players found to be consistently breaching these rules could be blocked from booking courts in the future.

Booking Rules & Etiquette

1. For all courts, any pre-booked match, coaching or Club sessions takes priority over any court time that has not been booked online. If you are playing on a court that has been pre-booked; if requested, please come off the court at the end of your next game (NOT set or match), and wait for another court to become available.

2. Please avoid pre-booking a court for longer than two hours. This should be more than enough to accommodate most matches (2 sets with a championship tie break).

3. Members should immediately cancel any advanced bookings if they are no longer able to play their match. This frees up the courts for other users.

4. Non-members can book and play on courts 5 and 6 when they are not needed by the Club for league matches or Club tournaments, and ONLY if they have booked and paid for the courts BEFORE they start playing.

5. Non-members are not allowed to play on any other court (even if they are free) unless they are playing with a member (and a visitor’s fee of £5 has been paid before playing).

6. Non-members should only book courts 5 and 6 for play during daylight hours, as we cannot guaranteed that flood lights will be available.

Court Availability

Click here to view the current court availability