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Tomlinson Tournament 2019

Monday 6th May

Unfortunately the Bank Holiday Monday was not the gloriously sunny day that Easter Monday had been, grey skies and a sometimes tricky wind were the order of the day. However this did not deter the sixteen players who decided to turn up and have some serious but fun tennis. Partners were picked randomly and, because a trophy was involved, kept their partner throughout the afternoon.

As there were eight pairs, remarkably with an equal gender split, tournament organiser, Dave Smith, decided to create two groups of four. Each pair would play ten games against all the other pairs in their group and the pair with the highest number of overall games from their group would go into the final. Having groups of four meant that there was continuous play over the next couple of hours. Given that it was quite chilly sitting around, the players were happy to keep warm by running around the courts.

Once the initial rounds were complete there were clear winners from group one (Rebecca Salisbury-Beard and Brian Curtis with 20 points) and also from group two (Linda Nelson and new member Aftab Ahmed, with 28 points). Thus the final would be contested by these two strong pairs. As the other players were having so much fun the tournament organiser decided to have a play off between all the other pairs. 2nd place v 2nd place, 3rd place v 3rd place etc.


The Tomlinson contestants.

The format of the final was to be slightly different in that only eight games would be played and if it was tied at four all at the end, a tie break would be played. In the end this was not necessary. Despite a valiant effort on Rebecca and Brian’s part, Linda and Aftab pulled into a 5-1 lead and were declared winners. Once the other players had also finished their playoffs, all that remained was for everyone to tuck into a delicious afternoon tea generously prepared and donated by several club members.

The Tomlinson trophy is named after former club Chairman Derek Tomlinson. Unfortunately Derek’s widow, Maureen, could not join us this year so Tony, who is a past player and friend of Maureen, presented the trophy to the worthy winners.


Linda & Aftab with Tony.