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Tomlinson Tournament 2018

Monday 8th May

For once a rare event occurred, the Bank Holiday Monday was a gloriously sunny day with record temperatures of 28 degrees. This encouraged members to turn up and twenty players decided to brave the heat. Partners were picked randomly and, because a trophy is involved, kept their partner throughout the afternoon.

As there were ten pairs, remarkably with an equal gender split, tournament organiser, Dave Smith, decided to create two groups of five. Each pair would play eight games against all the other pairs in their group and the pair with the highest number of overall games from their group would go into the final. Having groups of five meant that one pair would be resting while the various rounds were being played. Given the heat this was a welcome relief. There were some very good close matches played over the next couple of hours and the conditions did take their toll on a couple of players. Dave had to don a skirt (metaphorically) and stand in for ladies who suffered from the excessive temperatures.

Once the initial rounds were complete there were clear winners from group one (Julia Herbke and Michael Simpson with 25 points) and also from group two (Pat Dickinson and Alexis Alexander with 21 points). While the rest of the players tucked into a delicious selection of scones and cakes etc provided by Eilish McBean, Sheena Darke and Sue Jones, the final got under way.


Finalists, Michael, Julia, Pat, Alexis.

The format of the final was to be the same as before. Eight games would be played and if it was tied at four all at the end, a tie break would be played. In the end this was not necessary. Despite a valiant effort on Pat and Alexis’ part, Julia and Michael raced into a 5-0 lead and were declared winners. The Tomlinson trophy is named after former club Chairman Derek Tomlinson. Derek’s widow, Maureen, and daughter, Sue, had travelled up from the West Country to watch the afternoon’s tennis and presented the trophy to the worthy winners.


Michael, Sue, Maureen and Julia.