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Tomlinson Tournament 2017

Monday 1st May

The weather was an issue as it was wet and windy but it was decided to go ahead anyway. Numbers consequently were not large with only 14 players. Partners were picked randomly and, because a trophy is involved, kept their partner throughout the afternoon.

As there were 7 pairs, remarkably with an equal gender splt, they were left in one large group and each couple played every couple while one sat out during each round. Originally the intention was to play 6 games per round but it rained, in fact the tournament started in the rain, no one being brave enough (or wimp enough) to suggest paly should be suspended until it stopped. Chairman and organizer Dave Smith then decided to cut the number of games to 4 per round in order that the tournament might be completed between the showers. Fortunately the wind dropped and eventually the sun even came out at times.

Once complete, despite some torrential cloudbursts, members thought it would be fun to have a semi-final as well as a final while they were digging into an array of scones and cakes etc provided by Eilish McBean, (our well known expert and fabulous cake provider), Sheena Darke and Sue Jones. The semi finalists in one match were Julia Freeman & James Barker against Helen Ward & Dave Smith and in the other match, Taher Pennie & Tony Rudelhoff against Sue Jones and Mark Shaw.


Finalists, Sue, Mark, Dave, Helen.

Helen & Dave won their semi-final as did Mark & Sue. These four then played a final of again, best of 4 games. It was interesting for the spectators because Mark & Sue had been the players with the most points at the end of the first stage of the afternoon but Helen & Dave had beaten them rather easily 3-1. However Mark and Sue managed to turn the tables and won 3-0. Dave, back in his Chairman’s role, presented Mark and Sue with the trophy and a bottle of wine each.


Winners, Sue and Mark.