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Easter American Tournament 2017

Monday 17th April

The Easter American Tournament, which is traditionally the club’s first social tennis event of the year, took place as usual on Easter Monday. The weather was overcast but with only a light wind this meant conditions were almost ideal for some fun tennis. Whether it was the climatic conditions or the desire to run off a few calories after the Easter eggs, but there was a record turnout of 24 players. Remarkably the gender split was almost even which made the Tournament Organiser’s job much easier.

The 24 players were split into two groups of six pairs, with only one gentleman (Richard Perry) being asked to don a metaphorical skirt for the afternoon. Each pair played six games against every other pair in their group, with the ladies changing partners after three games. Thus, in the end, each pair played 30 games. Each player kept a total of their own games won and at the end of the five rounds the lady and gentleman with the highest number of games in group one played the winners of group two in a final.

Mem Aldridge and Mark Shaw were the respective highest scorers from group one and Julia Freeman and Charles Freeman (no relation!) were the highest scorers in group two.


Finalists, Mark, Julia, Mem, Charles.

So, while the rest of the contestants settled down to a cup of tea and slices of cake brought along by the players themselves, the finalists played a straight set to decide who would take the glory on this day. Mem and Mark were on top form and much to the surprise of the watching crowd raced to a 5-0 lead. However Julia and Charles were not going to just give in and they mounted a spirited comeback, taking the next two games. Mark and Mem then rallied (pardon the pun) and took the next game to win the set and the tournament 6-2.

Club Chairman, Dave Smith, thanked everyone for coming and making it a really enjoyable afternoon’s tennis. He then congratulated the finalists on their play and presented the winners with their prizes, massive Easter eggs.


Winners, Mark and Mem.