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Charity Tournament 2017

Friday 9th June

The original tournament was set up for Breast Cancer with a trophy for the winners but nowadays the charity which benefits from our tournament is traditionally chosen by the winner of the previous year, Last year’s winners were Simon Giles and Carolyn Pocock who not only chose the charity, Helen & Douglas House, which provides hospice care for young children and adults, but also came back to defend their title. Whereas the tournament used to have a ‘pink’ theme, it is now simply ‘bright’ colours that are encouraged. something our chairman Dave Smith entered into enthusiastically by dressing in green with matching green hair. This year we had visitors from Maidenhead and Phyllis Court to swell the numbers to 26 entrants. These were split into a group of 6 and a group of 7. The former played 7 games against each pair in their group and the latter played 6 so that everyone played 42 games and a point was collected for each game won.

The day started off pretty well considering the wind and rain we had recently experienced and apart from a very sharp drenching shower about 10.30 which had everyone racing for cover and coffee and biscuits while they were sheltering in the clubhouse, we ended up luckily with a very pleasant day. At the end of the round robin the Group 6 winners were Sue Gash and Gill Snelgar from Maidenhead and the winners of Group 7 were Simon Giles and Carolyn Pocock (last year’s winners).


Charity Tournament Entrants.

A final was played while the remaining contenders attacked a buffet lunch and watched a sometimes gripping final of the best of 8 games with several points extending over 12 shots and one of at least 19, we lost count. The winners again were Simon and Carolyn also from Maidenhead Club. Congratulations again to them. A total of £205 was raised for the charity.


Finalists Simon, Carolyn, Sue and Gill.

Many thanks to our chairman Dave, for organising the tournament and also to Sheena Darke and AY (Adrienne Yentis) for the delicious lunch contributions.