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Charity Tournament 2016

Friday 17th June

New Winners from Maidenhead

The weather forecast had been dire all week with heavy localised showers predicted but the 17th June dawn grey but dry with the first rain due just after one o’clock. With no rain on the immediate horizon 22 people turned up to compete in the annual charity tournament, including 5 from other clubs. It was great to see, Henley, Caversham and Maidenhead represented and coming along to join in the fun and raise money for this year’s selected charity Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC).

The charity was chosen by last year’s winner, Annie Moore. It is an animal rescue charity which re-homes hundreds of unwanted, neglected and mis-treated animals, throughout the area. With the entry fee, plus soft animal toys and sports clothes on sale we managed to raise a magnificent £350 towards this very worthy cause.


The Colourful Competitors.

With 22 players consisting of 18 ladies and only 4 men the tournament organiser, Dave Smith, had to devise a method of ensuring everyone played the same number of games without having to play for too long. The contestants were split into two groups, one of five pairs and the other of six pairs. The 4 men were placed in one group with their respective partners alongside Maggie Goodall and Sue Murphy who were “lucky enough” to be drawn from the rest of the ladies. Four of our visiting players had come as pairs which added a further complication but in the end the remaining lady players were drawn to form the pairs for the second group. To keep the total number of games equal the group of five pairs played ten games against each other pair whilst the group of six pairs played 8 games against the other pairs. Thus everyone would play 40 games throughout the morning. Unlike an American Tournament, partners were kept for the whole tournament and each pair kept their own score.

By the time it was all over there was a one pair who were clear winners of the group of five and one pair who were clear winners of the group of six. Everyone else tucked into the delicious lunch provided by Eilish MacBean and Sheena Darke whilst there was a very short discussion between the two leading pairs on whether there should be a final. However given the number of games already played the runners up, Julia Herbke and Christine Cooke, were happy to accept that the winners should be the guest pair from Maidenhead, Simon Giles and Carolyn Pocock, who had the highest number of points overall.


The Winners Simon and Carolyn.

Runner up trophies were presented to Julia and Christine. Then Simon and Caroline were presented with their winners trophies as well as the pink glass bowl which is theirs to keep for a year. Simon and Caroline will now chose a charity for next year’s tournament.