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American Tournaments 2018

Monday 28th May

This was the first social American Tournament of the year to be contested as, unfortunately, the May Day Bank Holiday one had had to be cancelled due to rain. The 28th May though was warm and not too sunny, so there were no excuses and 19 members turned up for some fun but competitive tennis.

Given the numbers and gender split, (more ladies than men),tournament organiser, Dave Smith, had to come up with a cunning plan. He decided to create two groups, one of five pairs and one of four pairs. The pairs in the group of five would play nine games against the other pairs, whilst the group of four would play twelve games against each other. Thus everyone would play 36 games. Partners would swap round after half the games in each round and individual scores would be kept. The man and woman with the highest number of overall games from their group would go into the final. As mentioned the gender split was not perfect and therefore two ladies had to wear the trousers (metaphorically speaking) for the afternoon.

Once the initial rounds were complete there were clear winners from group one (Brian Curtis and Rebecca Salisbury-Beard) and also from group two (Jon Edgell and Linda Nelson). While the rest of the players tucked into a delicious selection of scones and cakes etc provided by Bianca Walker, Sheena Darke and various members, the final got under way.


Finalists, Rebecca, Brian, Linda, Jon.

The format of the final was to be the same as before. Eight games would be played, (with partners swapping after four games), and if it was tied at four all at the end, a tie break would be played. After four games it was all equal with both pairs winning two games each. Linda then joined with Brian and Rebecca went to partner Jon. The spectators were anticipating a tie break but in the end this was not necessary. Despite a valiant effort on Rebecca and Jon’s part, Linda and Brian took the next three games and were declared winners.